Recently I had the honor to attend a gathering of the Eagles in Los Angeles. The event was just that – a gathering of individuals who attained the rank of Eagle Scout. It didn’t matter how young or old you were, the only criteria to attend was that you achieved this highest level of honor in Scouting.


It was great to meet other Eagles and learn about their paths in life after Boy Scouts. It was amazing to see such post Scouting achievement all in one place. What I didn’t expect while at the gathering was the flush of emotions as I recalled my past experiences in Scouts. A rush of memories came into play, from all the areas I’ve camped and hiked, to all the projects and leadership positions I was involved in as we served the local community. But the greatest memories of all were the times I spent with my Dad, as he was our troop’s Scoutmaster for two years. I found myself wanting to turn back time and experience those moments once again.


I wasn’t prepared for the emotional experience that ensued that evening. I left with feelings of inspiration and a smile on my face all the way home. As I look back on my professional life, it is clear the things my Dad and Scouting taught me are woven into decisions I make every day. I’ve certainly underestimated the power of my youth.